Small Groups

Grad school can seem unbearable at times – confined to a lab or study carrel, enduring the stress of studying and finding an advisor, and maneuvering around a large city with many strangers, not to mention the lack of emphasis on a spiritual lifestyle.  The Graduate Christian Fellowship gets grad school because we are grad students.  We’ve found that one of the best ways for us to connect with God and actually enjoy scholarship is to build relationships with a body of believers who are at the same point in life.  That’s why we’ve formed Small Groups!  Small Groups provide a welcoming environment for discussion about what matters most.  All groups are devoted to sharing the Good News through Bible and book study, but each has a slightly different twist.  We invite you to pick one or two that fit your style to share in prayer, study, and good Christian fellowship weekly. Choose from those described below:


Summer 2013 Small Group:

Meets at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays beginning June 18th. This group is hosted and led by Brent and Debbie Rexer, and addresses issues we should consider as adult Christians including bioethics, sustainability, time management, etc. Group discussions are supplemented with readings, movies and guest speakers. We hope you can join us! Contact Monica Lacy for more details, including location.